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At the very start of the journey, a secrecy wrapped Zauberman winery. The exclusive wines were available only in a selected few wine stores, and were sold in very few luxury restaurants. Only a small amount of people visit the winery and the people that do, fall in love with the wine and winery. The winery has four partners – Itzik Zauberman The original owner and founder of the winery over 20 years ago, Raz Dahan joined the first, an architect in the profession “Love wine”, Sharon Nahum Construction contractor and son of the vineyard and farmers family and Eli Peretz recently joined, photographer and event producer. They and their friends are personally in charge of the whole process of the wine production. Itzik, Raz and their close friends share two main hobbies between them that are inseparable from their lives – Wine and Meditation. Their traveling voyages around the country and the world are always combined with wine. For a while they were playing with the idea of graduating from wine enthusiasts to wine makers. On one of Itziks trips to France, he had a fascinating encounter with a tasting of a 20 year old wine from the legendary Chateau Petros winery. It was then when he aspired to create such fine wine that will stand in honor by the side of Petros and its friends. Itzik and his friends started planting grapevines from the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon species. Each of them planted the vines in their gardens. Itzik purchased equipment and did a small trial with producing small quantities for himself and his friend. After the successful trial, he came to a decision – to produce the best wine ever! The people that follow the production process notice that during the creation of wine you cannot compromise at all throughout the whole process, and it includes big effort, without considering the cost. The production is done only in small quantities, up to 5000 bottles a year. Itzik Zauberman believes that the wine is a “partner in the process”, which is why the touch and caring of the wine is done only when the feeling and the energy flow are positive. After a few trials and checking different methods of production, in the year of 1999 Itzik built a winery that is equipped with the best technology, from the newest pumps on the market, and small fermentation tanks made of stainless steel, to the finest French wooden barrels. In the winery there is the best equipment that insures the best control of the fermentation and aging of the wine. Managing the winery is done to ensure the creating of top quality and the most unique wine, and the financial aspect is only second to it. The work in the winery is run by Itzik and his friends only. It is done by friends that came, loved it, and wanted to share the experience. Itzik Zauberman and Raz harvest the grapes with their family and friends in the vineyard of Eli heyman zal, a GP and third generation vine grower – his true love. The vineyard is located close to Karmei Yosef, on the border of the inner plain of the Judaean Mountains, at the height of 220 meters above sea level, on a western slope with natural drainage. The slope is exposed to wind that comes from the sea and cools down the grapes in the summer nights. The vineyard is planted in limestone soil that grants the grapes and the wine a unique taste. As you enter the vineyard you can feel the unique atmosphere that surrounds the place. Zaubermans vineyards get treated with love, care, songs and talking to. They get unusual treatment such as unique pruning. The grape harvest is selective, and the product is packed in small packages to insure the completeness of the grapes. The wine in Zauberman winery is produced with plenty of good energy. A special, sensitive relationship is established between Itzik, Raz and their friends with the wine that they create. They only enter the winery when they “want to be there”. If they have a bad feeling between them or from personal problems they solve it first before entering the winery. Itzik and Raz believe that the wine is effected by the environment and might get damaged by bad energies. “The meditation process” helps the quality and uniqueness of the wine. They create the wine based on knowledge they acquired in Israel and abroad, and believe that the best approach is “everything is for the best, and what happened was meant to be”.
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